Avenova Eyelid and Eyelash Cleanser Spray – Pure Hypochlorous Acid, Gentle Everyday Lash Cleanser For Eye Irritation, 20mL (0.68oz)

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73 reviews for Avenova Eyelid and Eyelash Cleanser Spray – Pure Hypochlorous Acid, Gentle Everyday Lash Cleanser For Eye Irritation, 20mL (0.68oz)

Based on 73 reviews

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Image #1 from Lytle Stephen
Image #2 from Thomas Kuruvilla
Image #3 from Lozada Mario
Image #1 from Lytle Stephen

Lytle Stephen

I had been looking for a product that could relieve the inflammation, itching, tearing & "gunk" I get in the mornings from blepharitis. This product seemed to fill the bill plus it has been cleared by the FDA. I use it every morning & evening & sometimes in the afternoon if my eyes start to get itchy.

Image #2 from Thomas Kuruvilla

Thomas Kuruvilla

I clean my eyelids twice a day with cotton pads, as recommended. The spray bottle lasts a little over a month. Great product.

Image #3 from Lozada Mario

Lozada Mario

This product is very expensive but helps greatly

Image #1 from Lytle Stephen
Image #2 from Thomas Kuruvilla
Image #3 from Lozada Mario
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  1. This product was suggested to me as I was constantly getting styes. I haven't had a sty for about a year and I recently got another one. I had run out of the product. I will start ordering on a regular basis to fend off styes forever

  2. My eye doctor recommended trying the solution because of my complaint of itchy eyes and sticky residue in lashes and it works beautifully. I close my eyes spray then open my eyes and spray fully gets into the eyeball which is fine then I use my knuckle or the backside of my hand to gently massage around the hairs then I drive with a towel I don't rinse it off it dries by air very quickly the itchiness goes away in just a few seconds.

  3. I have had so many problems with dry eye and floaters obstructing my view in the last few years. I am a translator (of documents) by profession which requires that I read, type, and view text on the computer screen all day long. I need to be able to have clear, sharp vision to do this effectively. I have tried drops and even Restasis to treat the dry eye. Nothing worked well at all. I decided to try this product. I was amazed at how quickly and well it works! I have never heard of using a spray to clean your eyelids before. Although I visit my ophthalmologist at least once a year, she never mentioned anything like this. I am very pleased with this product. It's easy to use and best of all it helps make your vision clear.

  4. This is just an amazing product. I use it for my general eye care. I'm a long time contact lens wearer. I rub my eyes and eye lids a lot, which has resulted in irritation on many occasions. So I started using this as a general cleaner around my eyes and have just noticed a big difference...so I use it as general eye care now. I love that it's an all natural product safe for use on the face/body - kills various bacteria and cleared by the FDA for long term use. It's been around for a long time. And recently it has been confirmed by a third party testing company to kill corona virus on hard surfaces in 60 seconds. The company submitted this to EPA and waiting for approval to be allowed to add that specific use to its listed benefits. But...that's just an added bonus in my mind. So although I use it mainly for general eye care, I've started using it as a covid precaution. When I'm out with my kids and we're in a public area where may have been covid in the air...a little spritz on the face for each of use when we're back in the car. Kids think it's fun...brings me comfort. I just think it's a good product. Take care of your eyes...and stay safe!

  5. Works great. Just follow the directions.

  6. I was having so much dry eye, burning, itching, and tearing. Was advised by my eye doctor to buy the Nova Wipes and the eyelid wash . The idea took me a while to get used to, since I was always used to using eye make up. The trade off .... use the regime first thing in the morning, then at bed time after face and all traces of eye make up are completely washed, use the spray with the special nova Wipes. It has been six months oif using this regime and the eye problems are finally gone.

  7. This stuff really works for me. I have rosacea, which is a condition that reacts to the normal bacteria in your skin. Rosacea causes broken capillaries and painful bumps that look like bad acne. I have to use an anti-bacterial cream called "Metrogel" this keeps it in check. So I thought why not use an anti-bacterial eyewash? My results were immediate and remarkable, my eyes feel fantastic. The skin around my eyelids was no longer red and inflamed. I do not have to use my eye drops as much. My dry eye condition has dramatically improved. I wish I had bought this stuff sooner. My eyes use to always look swollen like I was disfigured. I still use my preservative-free lubricating eye drops and warm compresses as per my eye doctor for my dry eyes. But using these drops has made such a difference in my life. What a lifesaver.

  8. Due to the hydrochloric acid it is recommended for mibobium gland disfunction the eye, it works well, Very pleased

  9. I love my lash extensions and even tho I was with a lash wash in the shower every other day, I was getting itchy eyes. I was worried I was becoming allergic to the glue. I went to the optometrist, who hates lash extensions, and she thought I should stop using because it was possibly harboring bacteria. She suggested to either remove the lashes or try this. I figured I had nothing to lose. This stuff works fast and is non irritating! Anyone I have itchy lashes I spray this directly on both eye lids and it stops immediately. I have no more problems. It had t affected the glue at all! I'm always planning on having this on hand. I don't have to use daily. Only as needed.

  10. Love to clean my eyes every morning with this product.

  11. I wanted to try this out before submitting an honest review. I have blepharitis and it led to a chalazion in my left upper eyelid. After going through in office surgery to remove it I knew I didn't want to go through that again. I tried baby shampoo every morning and evening to clean my eyelids but wind seems to make my eyes water bad and I wanted to find a gentle but effective eyelid cleaner to help my eyes feel better. After carefully reading reviews and looking in local drugstores I decided to try Avenova and the avenova wipes. I am so very glad I did!!! This product was all and more than I ever expected!! I use it in the morning and evening and it makes my eyelids feel so comfortable and clean and refreshed!!! I have been using it for about a week and a half and it's a godsend for my eyelids!! It's also very gentle and non sting! I have sensitive skin and eyes and I have no problems with Avenova. Also, if you order the wipes, cut them in half so you economize your use as they are a bit expensive! Good Luck!! Well worth the purchase!

  12. I have an upcoming eye surgery, so I wanted to ensure my eyelids were as clean as possible. I ask my optometrist if I should use baby shampoo, as that was a suggestion from a pevious doctor a couple years ago. He said, "No, it strips the good bacteria." He recommended Avenova bc it removes the bad bacteria & leaves the good. He said wash face as usual & use Avenova (he gave me the cotton ball directions (there are 2 methods listed in box). I asked about rinsing. He said no rinsing was needed. I've been using for a few days. Nothing magical hpnd, but my lids look cleaner. The big deal for me is my optometrist, whom I trust, said he uses it.

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Avenova Eyelid and Eyelash Cleanser Spray – Pure Hypochlorous Acid, Gentle Everyday Lash Cleanser For Eye Irritation, 20mL (0.68oz)